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CommonsCloud.coop is a cooperative and ethical-tech cloud service, made with free software. It integrates different digital tools to work in an agile and efficient way.

For individuals we offer communication, storage and remote working services, such as an online office and an email service.

For organisations we offer communication, collaboration, agile remote teamwork, finance and project managementsuch as an online office, videoconferencing, email and an ERP.

About us

CommonsCloud.coop is made up of people and organisations that pool digital cloud resources in a technological and cooperative project with free software; people and organisations responsible for the implementation, maintenance, management and support of the service. It is promoted by femProcomuns SCCL multi-stakeholder cooperative in intercooperation with other cooperatives and organisations. For more information, see https://www.commonscloud.coop/en/who-are-we/